Bring Your Own Learning Tool (BYOLT)

Preparing students for life in the digital world is extremely important. St Andrew’s Primary is striving to develop digitally literate citizens who understand not only how to use technology effectively, but also know how the technology they use works.

Increased access to technology is essential for teaching students skills for a future in which, as societal trends suggest, digital literacy is key. Therefore, a key aspect of our digital learning strategy at St Andrew's Primary is our BYOLT (Bring Your Own Learning Tool) program for students from Grades 3 to 6. The individual use of personal devices is a way to empower students to work to their full potential and develop essential learning habits with the support of digital tools.

This page provides parents with essential information regarding the implementation, management and operation of our BYOLT program.

Is the program compulsory?

Please note that BYOLT is not compulsory and parents are not expected to purchase a device for their child

  • BYOLT is currently available to students in Grades 3 to 6.
  • Ipads must be of size 9.7in as a minimum and be able to run ios 14 or newer
  • All devices to be used at school must be enrolled on the CEPD network
  • Once a device is enrolled it will have the necessary settings and profiles to use the CEPD network. The profiles are not to be removed
  • CEPD reserves the right to restrict or remove a device from its CEPD network at anytime. This occurs when but is not limited to inappropriate use of the network has occurred.

Device iOS Requirements

  • iPadOS14 & onwards are permitted when enrolled into Intune Mobile Device Management system.
  • iPad Mini devices are not allowed to be enrolled.

  • Steps to safely enrolling a BYOLT device

    Download BYOLT User Agreement

    • Read through the contract and sign with your child.
    • Parents need to create the Apple id for a child's BYOLT device. (How to Create an Apple ID).
    • Ensure your iTunes account is activated and the iPad for BYOLT is signed in on the account.
    • Return user agreement to the school office.

      Do not bring iPad to school with note. A day and time will be provided to do so.

    • Once the contract is accepted your child will be booked in to enrol the device on the CEPD network.

    What apps should I download for my child to use at school?

    Google Drive


    Google Classroom


    Google Chrome


    Google Docs


    Google Sheets


    Google Slides






    Should be pre-loaded


    Should be pre-loaded

    What other apps do we use that you may be asked to download during 2020?

    Visit our STEM page for a direct link to some of the apps your child may be using this year.